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Istanbul appointments

When I tell my friends that let me Istanbul, I am surprised to discover that nearly everyone I speak to has already been there. when they, also, Are surprised that I've never visited Turkey. So they offer me tips on what you'll do, the very best, How to bargain etc. Encouraged by this flood of knowledge, I change my bookings and extend my stay. If Istanbul is so tremendous, I want, Then I should enjoy it for extended.

I'm in Istanbul for a dinner to take off the Dom Prignon Ros 2002, So for my initial meal, My web host, Gaurav Bhatia because of Mot Chandon, Is kind enough to look at me to lunch. He picks a chic and elegant place called Vogue, On the top floor of an job site, With incredible views of the Bosphorus.

This is my first experience of Turkey and while Vogue's menu is online (several sushi, regarding), I ask for the Turkish motivated dishes. These develop into normal European dishes with slightly sweet dry fruit enriched sauces. Turks, I am to look for, Like fruit and that like a lot of sweetness in many of their dishes.

After snack, An English presenting guide takes me on a tour of the cheap louboutin shoes old city. Istanbul has a rich report. It is one of the world's oldest surviving cities, setting up as Byzantium, Becoming Constantinople and finally ending up as Istanbul. it was pretty, At one period, The world's single most important city and has always been regarded as the dividing line between East and West.

all of this, I examine, is very little idle boast. Geographers tell us that Asia and Europe are set aside by the Strait of Bosphorus. And Istanbul sprawls across each party of the Bosphorus. So you will find there's European part to the city and a quite distinct Asian part. it has an old city and there's a new city, Built around the 20th century. And you will discover an area that was once colonised by Venice and has quite distinctive Venetian architecture.

Few cities can change from place to place as completely as Istanbul does. The neighbourhood my hotel is situated in could be a part of Europe and as you go further down the road, in the evening Four Seasons, The watercraft, Waterside cafs, Hill villas and houses, Remind you of nothing almost southern Italy.

But in your existing city, with the crowded lanes and narrow alleys, The atmosphere is definitely Asian. locate beggars ("Gypsies, Spits my vehicle driver, Angrily), Street providers and carpet sellers. It is the design that I find most arresting. Istanbul's famous construction, like Blue Mosque, havin their six minarets, And Hagia Sophia are Islamic in player yet entirely unlike the mosques we see in India or the Arab world. This is a distinctly non Arab Islamic style, Heavily influenced by European engineering and by Christian traditions. (Hagia Sophia actually began as a church). I interact with Richard Geoffroy, The house's celebrated wine maker (I wrote about him some months ago in this particular column) And he promises that in the mail will be special.

principles in a bottle: Richard Geoffroy says that because Istanbul combines Eastern mystery with Western class, He thought it would be the right spot to launch the Ros which combines spices and the scent of roses in its bouquet

as well as it is. Dom has designed an all day extravaganza. We are put into small groups (I end up with the elegantly dressed Japanese Japan is Dom's second biggest market after America), And taken by boat around the Bosphorus to the old city. The first a section of the day is devoted to the Spice Market. cheap louboutin this ought to be to those of us brought up cheap christian louboutin on louboutin cheap tales of Middle Eastern bazaars a vast open space full of little stalls where old men sit behind mounds of spices while eating pistas from vast vats.

actually it is a covered market (Like Bombay's Crawford Market or Calcutta's New Market only much smaller) laden with shops, All of which sell exactly the same things: Saffron, Turkish treat, Caviar, Sherbet, Dry fruit and assorted household goods.

euro, Not spectacular: The Spice Market is unexpectedly clean and our guide complains that Europeans are often put off by how modern Istanbul can look

Three reasons for having the Spice Market are particularly striking. The first is that nearly half to two thirds of all the so-called goods on sale seem to come from Turkey's neighbour Iran: Saffron, Caviar, Pistas, for example. after the tourists stopped coming to Iran, That country's wares have been sent to Turkey and sold in Istanbul's markets. The second is that the Turks obviously think that many tourists suffer from male erectile dysfunction. Each shop provides "Turkish Viagra designed for Sultans" And the shopkeepers keep telling the japanese members of our party to try it: "Four times per night! Five times overnight, in which, After looking a fashionably dressed Japanese person along: "to aid you, May be only two times every hour,

The third is that because every shop sells the same principle, The shopkeepers have to do more. so they really beseech us as we pass, Shouting things they think will appeal: "your family Hindi! Shah Rukh Khan! Shah Rukh Khan, maybe "Salaam Aleikum asia or Pakistan,

The market is very clean and our guide complains that Europeans are often put off by how modern Istanbul can look. The manufacturers of Skyfall, the bond movie shot in Istanbul, states, Were so troubled by the real Spice Market that they built a set that looked more eastern exotic for Daniel Craig to run through.

Top ideas: Guerlain's Thierry Wasser has built new fragrances which reflect the smells of foods and spices such as clove, turmeric, Cardamom, Jasmine tea, Dried rose petals, and the like

Richard Geoffroy's intention is for us to uncover the smells, Spices and flavors of Istanbul, So we have been served Turkish snacks at Pandeli, A historic restaurant on the first floor of your market.

Then it is back on the boat and off to an art gallery where Dom Prignon has commandeered the in house restaurant. It is here that Thierry Wasser, The master perfumer from the grand old aroma house of Guerlain, complies with us. Thierry is fresh, fshionable, Articulate and lived in the US in the past. Since running over at Guerlain, He provides best selling new fragrances and tried to restore some of the house's tired old scents to their lost glory.

Today he wants us to understand romantic relationship between smell and taste, Between scented and food. He has created three new fragrances which reflect the smells of such foods and spices as clove, turmeric, Cardamom, Jasmine coffee, Dried rose petals, or anything else,.,and so. With each perfume, He makes us concoct our own mix of the

Ingredients whose smells most closely resemble it.

When he is through, He makes us combine all three scents. the combination gives us the scent of Ros Nacree du Desert, A fragrance he has built to match the Dom Prignon Ros 2002.

Our heads still reeling about smells of spice and rose, We take our boat to the Ciragan Palace Hotel where we will finally be allowed to taste the wine.

a section of the mythology of champagne is that it was invented by Dom Prignon, an actual monk who lived in France's Champagne region. this is probably nonsense but the association between Dom Prignon champagne and abbeys is a strong one. So Richard Geoffroy has had without needing using the balconies of the Ciragan Palace like church cloisters. Each of us is given a glass of the champagne and told to sit alone with the balconies overlooking the Bosphorus. We can take as long as we like to enjoy the wine and louboutin cheap stare at the sunlight glinting off the water.

so, I completely taste the 2002. I know it will good after all, 2002 was a great year for a bottle of wine; The normal 2002 Dom White has been generally praised so the Ros is bound to be special. But even I am surprised at the richness of the wine. It fills the mouth area and then as you swirl it around gently, it begins to reveal layer after layer of complexity.

Finally it is undoubtedly a technical tasting where Richard explains the wine. He says that because Istanbul combines Eastern mystery with Western complexity, He thought it would be the right place to launch the Ros which combines spices and the scent of roses in its bouquet. Hence the day's excursions and the collaboration with perfumer Thierry.

We head back to our hotel to improve for the formal launch dinner. Dom Prignon has taken over a medieval palace and converted it. in a tree floor, In the cocktail area, Waiters move with trays of canaps and bottles of champagne. I'm a little startled to know that the pre dinner champagne is the Oenothque 1993. Every few years or so, Richard raids the reserve wine stocks of Dom Prignon to issue a tiny the amount of an old vintage. These wines are called Oenothque and usually cost nearly double the as the normal Dom Prignon (and this, nonetheless, Is very costly). The claim is that the Oenothque range represents the talented champagne in the world so the massive price is worth it. but yet, Here it is only the circulation wine before the dinner! Does it make sense to overshadow a new vintage with such a great wine from the Oenothque range?

Dinner is on two long tables on the first floor of the palace. the light is blue and they project images of the Bosphorus onto our tables. The Ros 2002 is finally served when we can start, A shaven headed man in a flowing cloak who will be an Japanese journalist (Judging by the way members of our party dressed this morning) Or a Turkish dancer appears between the two dinner tables.

Then the music activity starts and the mystery is solved: he's a whirling dervish, setting aside time for before dinner is served. while it's true he whirls, I try your wine. wedding and reception stern and austere nature of the Oenothque Ros 1993, The Ros 2002 comes as a good change. Its round fullness colonises my mouth with its notes of citrus as well as apricots. I look to Richard, Who is sitting next to me and ask why on earth he served the Oenothque first. as it so happens, I choose the Ros 2002 but wasn't it a huge risk to serve such a great wine before dinner? "Yes definitely, He laughters. "But you must have balls, not,Which is as good an account of Richard's wine making style as any of us will ever come up with.

Whirls and home wine: A whirling dervish performs in gameplay before dinner is served on the first floor of a medieval palace.

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